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they’re so young they don’t deserve what’s coming 

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dr-grayson replied to your post: the fanbase

What kind of shitty person would do the same thing as Griffith. Like seriously…

That’s why I made sure he was the one who got stabbed.  Nah, but yeah I’ve seen it mentioned a few times that if you were in the same situation he was you would have submitted with all his suffering as well but I dunno.  Like I get a lot of people think they’re more important than others, but 40 or 50 people, most of which are the closest people he has in his life??? Gotta be pretty extremely self-absorbed to be able to justify that kind of sacrifice just so that you can get what you want.

I think this idea comes from how the behelit works, and that if you own one, then no matter what you do (even if you throw it away!), it’ll bring you to your own personalised despair event horizon and then return to you at the worst moment, when you’re at your weakest and most desperate. And that what despair and suffering meant to Griffith was totally different from what it meant to Rosine, to Ganishka, to the Slug Count, and so on. It was personalised for each of them, so if us random tumblr users got our hands on a behelit, then it’d ruin our lives in a way individually tailored to push each of us into offering up a sacrifice.

And I get that, but what I don’t get is this: I think everyone can agree that sacrificing your loved ones to demons is a really shitty thing to do, but just because I might do it under the right circumstances doesn’t make it any less of a shitty thing to do. Even if anyone and everyone would do it, that still doesn’t somehow make it not a really shitty and selfish thing. How evil an act is doesn’t get decided by how many or how few people would do it in the right situation.

And even in Berserk, it still comes down to personal choice in the end.

It’s like people keep forgetting the Count and Theresia exists? It’s right there in the beginning for us to understand how it all goes down in this world, so yeah you can pretty much say no to the apostles and we don’t even know the consequences to this since the Count was already an apostle, we have no idea if Griffith and the Hawks would have gone unharmed.

#Tho I agree very much that we where not in his place#I also agree that either way toying with people’s lives is never good#Berserk#also speaking of the count#I rally don’t understand Griffithh’s current state of ”lol idc”#when the count obviously had feelings and emotions#and very much still felt love and compassion#he just basically choose to ignore it#how truly change is Griffith?#is he in one giant in denial?#he obviously did care since he had to in order to sacrifice these people#but now I’m wondering if he really is emotionless now or he might actually just traumatized#bla bla bla#need to think about this better

Naw I don’t think Griffith is devoid of all emotions. It’s pretty much a trend with all of the apostles, that they believe that by making such a great sacrifice that they’ll rid themselves of the humanity within that made them suffer so.

And it always backfires. 

Being a God Hand, he might be able to suppress his humanity better than other apostles, but I still think that that’ll be his eventual downfall.

All of this. And I keep getting the feeling that because Griffith’s sacrifice, his power and his ability to suppress his humanity are probably greater than the average apostle’s, then the inevitable backfire might end up being greater too

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Serpico & Farnese from Berserk :) Some of my favorite characters! Was really inspired after checking out o-blessed-king-of-longing's blog, so if you like Berserk, you should really give a follow! These twoooooo.. my heart just can't T_T Hope you enjoy~!

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knifeandlighter said: which follower? you’re not talking about me are you? cause I still follow you. Why wouldn’t I?

oh okay

then i lost a follower

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